Guide for Conference Participants:

Welcome to ICOCN 2021. As this is a fully virtual conference, we have created this short guide for you to access and enjoy the conference sessions.
The Technical Program are available for download.
We are using “Tencent meeting” as our platform for presentations. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the platform in advance of the conference.

  • 1. The day before the start of conference, you will be emailed Tencent Meeting links. The Technical Program  will show where sessions are located in the virtual platform.
  • 2. Conference Participants should enter the meeting at least 10 minutes early. 
  • 3. Please keep your video off and your microphone muted during sessions. 
  • 4. At the end of the presentation, there will be time for a question and answer period. Please enter questions into the chat and these will be monitored by the Meeting Hosts so that the presenter can answer them.

Guide for Conference Presenters:

Thank you for your participation and engagement in ICOCN 2021. By now, you have created an MP4 of your presentation and send to us. Your presentation has been assigned to a conference session and each session has been given a conference meeting room. Please check the Technical Program to see the time, date, and location of your presentation.

Similar to an in-person conference, in the virtual format, you need to attend the presentation session for your paper.

  • 1. The Meeting Hosts will introduce the session and will begin playing the MP4 videos by volunteers.
  • 2. After each presentation, there will be approximately 2-3 minutes for questions and answers.
  • 3. Participants may put questions into the Chat.
  • 4. The Meeting Hosts will coordinate the question and answer period. Please feel free to turn on your video when responding to questions about your presentation and paper.
  • 5. Please respond to questions by using your microphone, or if you wish, in the chat.
  • 6. Due to schedule restrictions, the Session Chair might need to bring the question and answer period to a close so that they can start the next presentation.

Please prepare your manuscript by following the ICOCN'2021 full-paper template, and convert it into PDF file before upload.
The length of a manuscript must be no more than 3 pages. 

Full papers must be uploaded in PDF format before submission deadline.
Abstract submission is acceptable if the authors don't want to publish a full paper in the conference proceeding.
Invited speakers can NOT compete for any of the awards as the first author. 
 Please make sure that there are no non-English fonts (e.g. Chinese fonts) in the body of the 
manuscript as well as in all figures and tables.


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